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Resine Isolanti, since 1929


Today, as then, the company's mission is to continually improve the performance of materials, without ever losing sight of cost competitiveness and environmental protection.

Our story.

Resine Isolanti O. Diena Srl was established in Milan in 1929 as a company specializing in thermal insulation. With the advent of the Second World War, the business addressed itself to naval and hospital sectors. The end of the conflict and the momentum created by Italy’s reconstruction pushed the company to resume research at full capacity and to accelerate development with ever greater determination in the field of organic resins. The objective was to produce expanded insulating materials for both civil and industrial sectors. These were years of great growth, in which expanded urea (Aerocel Montecatini) and the first rigid resin casting foams were conceived. In 1952, the company continued expansion thanks to the production know-how of Montecatini, establishing its own factories in Bresso. The market success, the advanced research and extensive analysis of laboratory test results allowed the company to develop a product based on phenolic foam, SUPERCEL.

la nostra storia

A production model based on constant innovation.

Extended know-how, advanced research and extensive analysis of results. These the foundations of Resine Isolanti development. Answer the needs of an ever changing sector, enhancing products with a focus on efficiency, safety and performance.

Towards a sustainable future.

A constant commitment.

A green production, supported by renewable energy generated by the 3000 m2 of on-site solar panels.


A production completely free of chemical agents which could harm the environment. 100% free of CFC and HCFC, which damage the ozone.

A production which follows with care the product life cycle.

Supporting an always improving sector.

High performance insulation is the way forward in terms of energy efficiency.  Truly efficient thermal insulation can even provide for almost zero energy consumption in terms of  heating.


To be aware of the consequences of global warming is of paramount importance today.


Seen in this light energy efficiency is the most accessible and advantageous form of alternative energy.


Two product lines, a single mission.

SUPERCEL BUILDING e SUPERCEL PIPING represent thermal insulation excellence in their respective sectors.

The first for residential construction, and the second for civil, commercial and industrial plant engineering.

Supercel Building

Manufactured in boards for the insulation of civil, commercial and industrial buildings .

Supercel Piping

Manufactured in blocks for the insulation of commercial and industrial plant engineering.

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