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Phenolic foam insulation manufactured in blocks for piping insulation.

A high performance rigid thermoset, with extremely low lambda-values. An excellent reaction to fire performance, without smoke emissions, neither toxic nor opaque, in case of fire. These the intrinsic characteristics that make the product ideal for the insulation of industrial, civil and commercial plant engineering.

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- 180°/120°C

300°C of operating range​

A superior thermal efficiency

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 ASTM E84 25/50

Euroclass C s1 d0

An extra-fine cellular structure

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Compressive strength from

150 Kpa upwards

Insulates at high and low temperatures

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λ = 0,021

(at 10°C average​)

Guarantees safety also in case of fire

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Closed cells


Maintains its solid structure also under stress

range lavoro
Insulates at high and low temperatures. 
A operating temperature range that spans from -180°C to +120°C.

The industrial, civil and commercial plant engineering sector has operating temperatures ranging from the great cold to the great heat.


Within these 300°C of thermal excursion, SUPERCEL PIPING insulation proves itself to be stable and performing both at cryogenic temperatures and at very high temperatures

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conducibilità termica
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A superior thermal efficiency.

λ = 0,021 W/mK (at 10°C average)

Coating pipes with thin materials, while maintaining thermal performance unaltered means:

  • Saving valuable space

  • Insulating better in tight spaces

  • Handling smaller and lighter materials

The high thermal performance makes SUPERCEL PIPING ideal for obtaining these results. With its expanded phenolic foam core, it has an extremely fine cellular structure which gives it the lowest thermal conductivity value.

reazione fuoco
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Safe even in case of a fire.

ASTM E84 25/50 - EUROCLASS C s1 d0


In industrial plants, refineries and chemical companies, safety standards in the event of fire are essential.


Insulating with materials that do not contribute to the fire and are able to self-extinguish is an extra guarantee.


SUPERCEL PIPING, in the family of organic and synthetic products, has the best class, getting closer to non-combustible materials.

  • C: Does not contribute to the fire

  • s1: Does not release smoke, neither dense nor toxic

  • d0: Does not release burning particles.

resistenza umidità
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A extra-fine cellular structure

More than 95% of closed cells.

For systems operating at temperatures different from those of the surrounding environment, the risk is the creation of condensation, the latter compromises the useful life of the pipe section.

Condensation and humidity in the air reduce the performance of insulating materials.


SUPERCEL PIPING, has an extremely fine and closed cell (> 95%) structure, this guarantees a permeability to the water vapor outflow, without deterioration of the material.

resistenza compressione
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A compact, light and resilient structure. 

Compressive strength from 150 to 800 kPa.

Resilience and stability for the engineering phase of pipe sections with heavy loads and lightness for the application phase translate into savings on installation costs.

SUPERCEL PIPING offers, in addition to the known insulating qualities, also high performances in terms of mechanical resistance, dimensional stability, workability and compatibility with other materials, maintaining a lightness that distinguishes it.

In response to the needs of industrial insulation. 

Produced in blocks and cut by special machinery capable of shaping in all forms and sizes necessary to ensure optimal insulation: slabs, sections, spherical segments or curves to cover tanks and containers.

Easy to transport, store, manage and install.

Its compactness enables the creation of concentric stratified saddles for pipe molding. Eliminating the common mechanical fixings, and therefore the thermal bridges and thus the dispersion of temperature. 


SUPERCEL PIPING can have different densities with relative characteristics.

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