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Phenolic foam insulation manufactured in boards for the insulation of civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

The unparalleled thermal performance, given by the superior thermal conductivity. The best reaction to fire in the class of organic and synthetic materials. The absence of smoke, neither dense nor toxic when exposed to fire. These are among the characteristics that make the product unique in the sector for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

An unparalleled thermal efficiency

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B s1 d0/C s1 d0

An extra-fine cellular structure

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strength >150 kPa

A 170°C of operating temperature range

to give the best

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λD = 0,019

(at 10°C average​)

A superior performance in case of fire

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closed cells

A solid structure also under stress

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- 50°/+ 120°C

170°C of temperature range

conducibilità termica
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The lowest thermal conductivity on the market.

λD = 0,019 W/mK (at 10°C average)

The main purpose of thermal insulation is to prevent passage of heat.


he low thermal conductivity of SUPERCEL BUILDING makes it ideal for this purpose. SUPERCEL BUILDING has an λD of 0.019 W/mK. Thanks to extremely small, resistant and closed cells (> 95%), in addition to guaranteeing excellent mechanical resistance, it provides the lowest thermal conductivity value among the materials currently on the market.


The thermal efficiency of SUPERCEL BUILDING is superior: it allows to insulate using lower thicknesses. Covering buildings with thinner materials means saving space, while reducing thermal brings, and handling smaller and lighter materials. Working smoothly whilst achieving better results*.

*It is good to keep in mind that the rules governing phenolic resin products provide as a further guarantee the wording of declared thermal conductivity (λD). The latter represents the conductivity value of the material after 25 years​ . 

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reazione fuoco
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A superior performance in case of fire.

Optimal safety standards, it does not contribute to fire, it does not emit smoke.

Euroclass B s1 d0/C s1 d0.


A good insulating material must guarantee optimal safety standards.


It must not contribute to fire and must self-extinguish. It must not emit smoke, neither dense nor toxic, it must not release burning particles that can feed the flames in other areas, and finally it must not drip, otherwise making the structure unstable and at risk of collapse.


Furthermore, it is desirable to have a wide temperature range.  


High levels of safety in the event of a fire. The performance of SUPERCEL BUILDING on this subject is an intrinsic characteristic of the phenolic resin core, in fact it does need the assistance of flame retardants, and even without protective facings (such as mineralized coatings), the product falls into class C s1 d0.


  • B/C: Among all the organic and synthetic materials SUPERCEL BUILDING has the best reaction when it comes into contact with fire.

  • s1: Together with non-combustible materials (i.e. mineral wool), SUPERCEL BUILDING, guarantees very low smoke emissions such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. Feature that distinguishes it from all other organic and synthetic materials (such as EPS, XPS, PIT, PUR, etc.).

  • d0: When exposed to fire, SUPERCEL BUILDING, does not drip and does not release burning particles, this allows it to guarantee superior stability, unlike other organic and synthetic products.

resistenza umidità
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A extra-fine cellular structure.

Efficient also in vapor permeability.

While it is important to regulate the thermal flows between the inside and the outside of living environments, it is also important to regulate gas exchange, both in terms of air flow and in terms of water vapor dispersion.


This in order to prevent condensation phenomena that can lead to discomfort, such as the generation of mold. Condensation can in fact compromise the quality of the insulating materials. The simplest and most efficient solution is to install panels that are able to facilitate the natural transfer of water vapor through the insulating casing.

SUPERCEL BUILDING has been used successfully where moisture resistance becomes an important factor. It has a mu-value (μ) of 50: in other words it slows water vapor dispersion 50 times more than an air layer of equivalent thickness (see in-depth sheet). 


Its resistance to water vapor is due to its morphology, composed of extremely small, resistant and closed cells (> 95%). Furthermore, SUPERCEL BUILDING can be equipped with different coatings that prevent the entry of moisture, dust and dirt into the insulation itself.

resistenza compressione
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Light and resistant, flexible and stable. 

A solid structure even under stress.

In addition to the thermal performance, SUPERCEL BUILDING offers fundamental characteristics for the efficiency, effectiveness and duration of insulation interventions.


Compressive strength greater than 150 kPa, expression of the material's ability to withstand a stress given by a compressive force applied perpendicularly to the material at a predetermined speed.


Dimensional stability with variations lower than the single percentage point, essential in roofing works, represents the ability of a material to maintain its shape and its original dimensions over time, even if exposed to variable operating conditions.

Lightness, with values ​​on 35 kg/m3, is given by the low specific weight of the material, which supports the high insulating power.

range lavoro
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170 °C of thermal excursion to give the best. 
Insulates from cold, shields from heat.

SUPERCEL BUILDING line derives for the specialization and adaptation of SUPERCEL PIPING line intrinsic characteristics, designed to insulate pipes and industrial plants that operate both at cryogenic temperatures and at very high temperatures.


Phenolic resin boards are obtained by modulating the working range of the product to the specific needs of residential insulation. SUPERCEL BUILDING, with its low thermal conductivity, its high specific heat, and its dimensional stability, is an ideal solution both to insulate from the cold and to shield from the heat.

Complete protection from the cold.

SUPERCEL BUILDING guarantees the best insulation at the same thickness. 


To guarantee a comfortable temperature in winter, while keeping consumption to a minimum, the internal heat of a building must be preventing from dispersing into the exterior environment. Thermodynamic principles tell us that in winter interiors will tend to disperse heat in order to try to cancel out the heat differential with the exterior.


To avoid excessive heat loss, it is necessary to insulate the entire covering of the building, including roof, walls and floors, in order to obstruct the thermal flow from the inside to the outside. Thanks to its highly insulating properties and low thermal conductivity, SUPERCEL BUILDING offers greater insulation in less material thickness.

A shield against the heat.

SUPERCEL BUILDING guarantees a high level of protection from the summer heat. 


In the summer, in order to reduce the effects of radiation, it is wise to install panels that create an effective shield against the high exterior temperatures and prevent heat from passing through into the building envelope.


To limit the use of cooling systems and excess energy consumption during the summer period,  it is important to use products which are able to perform at higher temperatures. In other words, products that are able to provide the attenuation and thermal lag of heat waves. SUPERCEL BUILDING thanks to its high specific heat, its low thermal conductivity is able to provide effective shielding from the summer heat.


In response to the needs of building insulation. 

Produced in boards with standard dimensions 1200 x 600mm and

2400 x 1200mm, with straight edges or on request with tongue/groove fasting system. It can be used to insulate both from the outside or the inside. It comes with different facings depending on the project requirements.

Easy to transport, store, manage and install.

With superior performance in terms of insulation, mechanical resistance, reaction to fire and breathability, it represents the maximum efficiency with minimum thickness.

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